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alliance Maritima

Alliance Maritima is founded as a Spanish-French non-profit organization dedicated to supporting relations in the Mediterranean region through innovative and more sustainable cultural and educational art projects. 

Organized by international curators, researchers and artists Alliance Maritima is already based on a wide experience of artistic work in collaboration with many universities, museums, art institutions in Spain, France, Italy  and Russia.

Exhibitions and public appearances, performances and artist residences are just some of the formats of artistic communication that Art Made has used throughout its activities. 

Thanks to all these many years of experience, Alliance Maritima can provide artists, the public and all  any interested party with the assistance and advice they need in the arts and sciences.

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Alliance Maritima promotes and develops artistic creativity, scientific research, cultural exchange and collaboration between creative  and environmental professionals from the Mediterranean or dedicated to the region.


In order to fulfil its mission, the Organization has been founded in Paris. Being the cultural center of the Mediterranean countries, this city gives many great opportunities to present outstanding projects to a wider audience and professional community.



Art Curator and project manager

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Art Advisor, Curator


Artist, researcher


Project coordinator


project coordinator

The main programs administered by Alliance Maritima are: 

for the joint development of research and production 

for various events and to draw attention to current art projects. To organize public speaking with the professional community 

viewing room with art and scientific works, projects and researches to support their growth. 

by the producer’s center of the organization to help artists take their positions on the art scene 

to get familiar with artists and cultural actors