Mare Nostrum: fragili vita. 

"There is great power in the indeterminate" — Cy Gavin


The word Mediterranean translates literally as “in the middle of the earth”. The Mediterranean Sea had been a cradle of great empires and rich cultures a source of myths, legends, art and discoveries for more than three millennia — and to this day it continues to shape relationships between people.

It is an entity that has a life of its own — it breathes, changes its shape, changes its state - from utter serenity to ardent storms. It is a microcosm full of mysteries, incredible creatures and fascinating processes.

Over many centuries we have ravenously consumed and exploited the resources of the sea through overfishing, plastic pollution, concreting of the coast and other man-made processes. This is now a planetary-scale threat.

The Mediterranean represents only 1.5% of the earth’s surface, but it encompasses almost all the potentially catastrophic issues the planet is facing. The exhibition “Mare Nostrum: fragile vita” and the Maritima project shed light on the activity of contemporary artists and scientists who study current problems, research newly discovered species and the threats they are facing, and try to find solutions. We want to draw public attention to the environmental problems of the Mediterranean region and to the importance of investigating mysteries of the sea.

“Two billion years ago, cyanobacteria oxygenated the atmosphere and powerfully disrupted life on Earth,” says former New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin. “But they didn’t know it. We are the first species that has become a planet-scale influence and is aware of that reality. That’s what distinguishes us.”

Mediterranean Sea Bio Indicator


Sea water Bio-indicators, is a series of works made by Andreco from 2016 to 2017. Is made from acrylic painting on paper and a limited-edition screen print serie. The artwork is an iconic representation inspired by the shape of the living Benthic Foraminiferal assemblages.The Foraminifersare used by the scientists as bio-indica-tors of anthropogenic activities in a coastal area of the Mediterranean sea. The Benthic Foraminiferaget affected by the pollution in the water and by the temperature rise, so it can revel the anthropocentric pollution in water and giveinformation about the Mediterranean sea water quality.In particular this work was inspired by a scientific study made in costal area of Palermo, Sicily. Where the ecosys-temic approach has provided a complex picture of biotic and abiotic variables that contribute to outline the environ-mental features, where foraminiferal assemblages seems to be affected by the enrichment in organic matter.Andreco’s artwork is a tribute to the environment and a re-flection on the complex relation between the humans and the ecosystems.


Silkscreen, 1 layer Old Mill paper 300 gr. 70 x 100 cm, 2018

Limited edition of 21

€ 240

It’s no longer we who cross the land, the border, the sea; they are the ones who cross us.

Marco Godinho


José Saborit

This is the piece that I have prepared exclusively for

the Maritima01 project.

The marine landscape stretches on, metaphorically.

Two black stripes that lead to the end of representation (two curtains that close the scene) and compress and narrow the landscape down, reducing it

to a smartphone format that ruins and detracts that

in the sea which lives without format: that which in

turn is our life.


Estrechándose. 2020

Óleo sobre lino

195x195 cm.

 €  8000 


The Prophecy

Fabrice Monteiro

Fabrice Monteiro’s well-known projects “The Prophecy” focuses on environmental devastation in Senegal and comes from a personal experience.  Being a photographer, he came up with the idea of mixing art and culture to speak the same language with the locals and raise awareness of the existing issue among them. This is how “The Prophecy” photographic project, that reflected on environmental disaster and the consequences of excessive consumption was conceived in 2013. Following up with “The African Prophecy”, Monteiro’s objective is to take the concept around the world and create a global prophecy where all cultures and continents would be represented.

Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310gr 120 x 80 cm
Edition de 10 ex + 2 AP


7000 euros

The sea is a constant subject of study and representation in both art and science, and yet it remains so mysterious to humans. Even with the most advanced technologies, it seems that we will never fully understand it, yet we do know that we’re destroying the life within it.

Taylor Smith