Mare Nostrum: fragili vita. 

"There is great power in the indeterminate" — Cy Gavin


The word Mediterranean translates literally as “in the middle of the earth”. The Mediterranean Sea had been a cradle of great empires and rich cultures a source of myths, legends, art and discoveries for more than three millennia — and to this day it continues to shape relationships between people.

It is an entity that has a life of its own — it breathes, changes its shape, changes its state - from utter serenity to ardent storms. It is a microcosm full of mysteries, incredible creatures and fascinating processes.

Over many centuries we have ravenously consumed and exploited the resources of the sea through overfishing, plastic pollution, concreting of the coast and other man-made processes. This is now a planetary-scale threat.

The Mediterranean represents only 1.5% of the earth’s surface, but it encompasses almost all the potentially catastrophic issues the planet is facing. The exhibition “Mare Nostrum: fragile vita” and the Maritima project shed light on the activity of contemporary artists and scientists who study current problems, research newly discovered species and the threats they are facing, and try to find solutions. We want to draw public attention to the environmental problems of the Mediterranean region and to the importance of investigating mysteries of the sea.

“Two billion years ago, cyanobacteria oxygenated the atmosphere and powerfully disrupted life on Earth,” says former New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin. “But they didn’t know it. We are the first species that has become a planet-scale influence and is aware of that reality. That’s what distinguishes us.”

Mediterranean Sea Bio Indicator


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It’s no longer we who cross the land, the border, the sea; they are the ones who cross us.

Marco Godinho


José Saborit

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The Prophecy

Fabrice Monteiro

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The sea is a constant subject of study and representation in both art and science, and yet it remains so mysterious to humans. Even with the most advanced technologies, it seems that we will never fully understand it, yet we do know that we’re destroying the life within it.

Taylor Smith


Ustina Yakovleva

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The sea takes away my sorrows and brings me calm and serenity.

Throughout my life, the ocean has been my refuge and my meditation. 

Taylor Smith


Mariagrazia Pontorno

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Taylor Smith

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Mi pintura surge de una mirada directa al mundo, una mirada al mundo que es casa, belleza y fragilidad. Una mirada emocionada al mundo natural que desea celebrar la presencia del aire, la luz, la tierra, el mar, la nubes, todo eso que a veces nos pasa desapercibido, oculto tras los alambiques de la cultura y la tecnología, pero sin lo que no podríamos vivir. 

Jose Saborit

Conversaciones contra lo natural

Ana Matey

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Voir la Mer est une plenitude. 

Au dela d'être ma source d'inspiration et de fantasmes, elle est la vie sur terre.

Kalie Granier

La mar de frágil

Elena Marti

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