@ Photo credit Fermín Jiménez Landa

Welcome to discover Maritima residency program!

We have gathered amazing artists and scientists, together we kept changing, adapting and modifying the event to make it happen regardless unprecedented situation and all obstacles due to virus outbreak! Taking into account current context across the world we decided to implement Maritima Residency by stages:







This stage will consist of research part including online interactive conferences with scientists, virtual visits to laboratories, distant shooting and filming on Valencia sites/locations, and communicative part including online meetings between participants, talks with invited speakers, curators, foundations representatives, owners of galleries, etc to initiate research and creative process. As an outcome we expect to get from each artist-in-residence an elaborated project for further production.


This stage includes work on production on site in Valencia in 2020. 

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June 2-15, 2020

artist residency Participants


USA, France


USA, France


USA, France

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Here we will place Maritima Project videos available for general public.