Maritima Artist Residency Participants:

Ana Matey Marañon

With a career of more than 19 year, the Spanish artist Ana Matey, creates a work that travels between the field of the visual arts, performance, action art, butoh dance and, in last years, she explores the sound field in her performance pieces, generating through body movement and object a dialogue or a conversation. Lately, this conversation has turned into the relation between humans and nature, questioning about the possibility of a new symbiosis, as well as another way of knowledge and a way of being in the world.

Her work is nourished by the act of walking and collecting. She does what she named “experiments” through repetitive and long durational actions in which she practice observation, transformation, patience, and all it comes up to help her reflect about how time and space affect us, the way we live and relate to each other. Between 2006 & 2010 Ana Matey co-­founded ELCARROMATO, a photo collective and a multidisciplinary space in Madrid. Currently she runs MATSU space, her home, workspace and a space to combine art and nature.


In her project “Conversations about the natural”, a series of photographic works with a performative character she explored the ironic game between the body and the fruit, the human-nature relationship, the natural diversity in opposition to the artificial standardization.

The relation between natural and artificial as well as reflective questions that arise from this relationship will become the main theme of the artist’s research during the Maritima Residence.

Since 2010 her work is supported by different foundations including La Regenta Art Center (Canary Islands), CACIS Art Center (Catalonia), Köne Foundation (Finland), Norwegian Embassy, Art Themes Foundation (Spain), etc…

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