USA, France

Maritima Artist Residency Participants:

Kalie Granier

Kalie Granier is an interdisciplinary Californian-based French artist and curator. She graduated from the ESAG, Penninghen School of Visual Art in Paris. Kalie is interested in exploring the relationships between humans and their environment in the Anthropocene era.


Her recent work at the intersection of art and biology aims to question and redefine these interactions through various mediums such as upcycling, sculptures, video, photos, and installations.

Her work was exhibited in several galleries in the US and France, including Linz Gallery (Paris, France), Cheloudiakoff (Belfort, France), La Mouche Foundation (Corneilhan, France) and more recently at The MAH Museum and Radius Gallery (Santa Cruz, California), 836M Gallery (San Francisco), ProArts Gallery (Oakland California). She curated the Pulsions Festival in California in 2018 and, is the co-founder of Loud Spring, an Ecofeminist Art Tank of Ideas and Actions based in San Francisco. 

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USA, France


USA, France