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Maritima Video Program ⋅ October 1-3 

"There is great power in the indeterminate" — Cy Gavin


The word Mediterranean translates literally as “in the middle of the earth”. The Mediterranean Sea had been a cradle of great empires and rich cultures a source of myths, legends, art and discoveries for more than three millennia — and to this day it continues to shape relationships between people.

It is an entity that has a life of its own — it breathes, changes its shape, changes its state - from utter serenity to ardent storms. It is a microcosm full of mysteries, incredible creatures and fascinating processes.

Over many centuries we have ravenously consumed and exploited the resources of the sea through overfishing, plastic pollution, concreting of the coast and other man-made processes. This is now a planetary-scale threat.

The Mediterranean represents only 1.5% of the earth’s surface, but it encompasses almost all the potentially catastrophic issues the planet is facing. The exhibition “Mare Nostrum: fragili vita” and the Maritima project shed light on the activity of contemporary artists and scientists who study current problems, research newly discovered species and the threats they are facing, and try to find solutions. We want to draw public attention to the environmental problems of the Mediterranean region and to the importance of investigating mysteries of the sea.

“Two billion years ago, cyanobacteria oxygenated the atmosphere and powerfully disrupted life on Earth,” says former New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin. “But they didn’t know it. We are the first species that has become a planet-scale influence and is aware of that reality. That’s what distinguishes us.”

The History of Apnea

Fermín Jiménez Landa ⋅ Valencia

Spanish  multi media artist Fermín Jiménez Landa works in equivalence, inversion and interchange processes that makes us see reality from an equidistant point between absurd and prudent, moving and iconoclastic, empirical and unverifiable. He participated in shows such as: When Animals Talked to Humans, Travesía Cuatro, Madrid (2018), MANIFESTA 11, Zurich (2016); Out of the blue, CA2M, (2013), 08001, Nogueras Blanchard (2010), JULIO #5, Centro Cultural de España, Sao Paulo (2010).

Fermín Jeménez Landa

Nobilis Golden Moon

Mariagrazia Pontorno ⋅  Rome

Italian artist, whose works have been shown in several  museums, including MAXXI, MACRO, The Biedermann Museum, The Stadtgalerie, MLAC, Museo di Castel S.Elmo, Art Center di Thessaloniki, Museo RISO, as well as in galleries and non-profit venues such as Monitor, Lithium Project, Murat 122i, ISCP in New York, HSF in New York, Fondazione Noesi Studio Carrieri in Martina Franca, Passaggi Arte Contemporanea in Pisa, and Casa Musumeci Greco in Rome.

Mariagrazia Pontorno

Lauso la mare e tente’n terro

Enrique Ramírez ⋅  Paris (France) and Santiago (Chile)

In 2014 he won the discovery price of Les Amis du Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France. He has since exposed in some major places as Le Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton or le 104), France (le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire) and in Central and South America (Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico ; Museo de la memoria, Santiago ; Centro Cultural MATTA, Embajada de Chile en Argentina, Buenos Aires).

Enrique Ramírez

The Screen

Sena Başöz ⋅  İstanbul

Her recent exhibitions include her solo show On Lightness at DEPO Istanbul, Studio Bosporus at Hamburger Bahnhof, Quiet Dialogue at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Sharjah Biennial Offsite Exhibition: Bahar, Istanbul and a duo exhibition at Memphis Gallery-Linz (with Lisa Truttman).

Sena Başöz


Anna Raimondo ⋅  Rome

Italian artist, she has participated in several international exhibitions including: the solo shows "Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo" at Albumarte in 2020 (Roma, IT); "Nada que declarar" at Matienzo in 2019 (Buenos Aires, AR); "Seremos serias de la manera más alegre"  at CASO — Casa del Bicentenario in 2018 (Buenos Aires, AR); "New boundaries of the wellness of vagynal ecosystem" at TEA Museum in 2018 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES), etc.

Anna Raimondo

Priority Habitat

Kalie Granier ⋅  Paris — San-Francisco

My video project PRIORITY HABITAT relates to Posidonia Oceanica, an herb endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. 


Posidonia meadows are on the verge of extinction. As part of the residency Maritima 01, I worked in close dialogue with scientists from the Idemar institute in Valencia in Spain and in collaboration with a Mediterranean diver, a dancer, a 3D designer, and a musician.

Kalie Granier
Yann Toma

In clinging to the turtle’s back

Yann Toma ⋅  Paris

Both artist and researcher, Yann Toma is the lifelong President of Ouest-Lumière and an artist-observer at the UN where he serves as artist in residence. By salvaging material from the former electric power company Ouest-Lumière in the early 1990s, he appropriated a symbolic network, an industrial infrastructure which he turned into his research territory and the very essence of his artistic practice. He focuses on collaborations with industrials, political scientists and philosophers.

A snake perfomance 

Xsenia Dranysh ⋅  Moscow

Graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts, Specialty in Art Ceramics.Works and lives in Moscow. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Section - Recent Trends. Participant of The 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. MMOMA, Moscow and The 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow. Works are in the MMOMA collection and private collections.

Xsenia Dranish

Left to their own fate (Odyssey)

Marco Godinho ⋅  Luxemburg

Born in Salvaterra de Magos in Portugal, Marco Godihno lives in Luxembourg. A tireless traveler, he develops a complex work nourished by literature, philosophy and multiculturalism. His installations, videos, drawings or participatory projects demonstrate a vision of existence, interweaving with the themes of wandering, memory, geography and, more broadly the experience of time and space.

Marco Godinho

Maritima 01 Projects Making-of

Maritima 01 Project documentary: laboratories, scientists, artists, creative process, production process.


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