Maritima Artist Residency Participants:

Fabrice Monteiro

Fabrice Monteiro's photography occupies an extensive space that overlaps genres: photo-reportage, fashion image and portrait blend and collide to better reveal a “Metis” universe in the image of the artist.

Deeply and genetically transcultural, Monteiro cultivates his characteristic richness by projecting a dual view at the themes he addresses. From terrifying sights of a world strangled by waste in his series "The Prophecy" to highly stylized portraits that revive a forgotten story, the artist addresses questions of society, politics, religion and identity.

His works bridge Africa and Europe, as well as the worlds of fashion photography and street photography.

One of Monteiro’s well-known projects “The Prophecy” focuses on environmental devastation in Senegal and comes from a personal experience. Upon returning to Africa after 20 years in Europe, the artists was shocked by the environmental degradation and pollution he found in Dakar (Senegal). Being a photographer, he came up with the idea of mixing art and culture to speak the same language with the locals and raise awareness of the existing issue among them. This is how “The Prophecy” photographic project, that reflected on environmental disaster and the consequences of excessive consumption was conceived in 2013.

Following up with “The African Prophecy”, Monteiro’s objective is to take the concept around the world and create a global prophecy where all cultures and continents would be represented.

Fabrice Monteiro's works belong to the collections of the renowned museums worldwide: 

Musée ethnographique de Genève – MEG - Genève, Switzerland

Museum of Contemporary Photography – Chicago, USA

Musée de la photographie de St- Louis – St Louis, Senegal

Macaal Museum, Fondation Alliances, Marrakesh, Morocco

iziko Museum, Cape Town, South Africa

Williams College Museum of Art

Mott Walsh Collection, Flint, Michigan

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA

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