Maritima Artist Residency Participants:

Mariagrazia Pontorno

Mariagrazia Pontorno was born in Catania in 1978. She lives and works in Rome. Since 2004 she has taught Multimedia Installations at the Accademia di Belle Arti.

Her  research is focused on the relationship natural/artificial. She builds life like settings inspired by a vision where the borders between fiction and reality are lyrically blurred.

In artist's recent works, the intersection between reality and material, art and science, digitally reconstructed fiction and archival images has become more complex.

Her work has been shown in Italian and international museums, including MAXXI in Rome, MACRO in Rome, the Biedermann Museum in Donaueschingen, the Stadtgalerie in Kiel, MLAC in Rome, Museo di Castel S.Elmo in Naples, Art Center di Thessaloniki, Museo RISO in Palermo, as well as in galleries and non-profit venues such as Monitor in Rome, Lithium Project in Naples, Murat 122 in Bari, ISCP in New York, HSF also in New York, Fondazione Noesi Studio Carrieri in Martina Franca, Passaggi Arte Contemporanea in Pisa, and Casa Musumeci Greco in Rome.

Mariagrazia Pontorno was born in Catania in 1978. 

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