MARLANDS - art project around Mediterranean islands 

MARLANDS is a contemporary art project that examines the Mediterranean and promotes the protection of its uniqueness as a region by transnational and interdisciplinary communication. The project is targeting the islands of the Mediterranean Sea which are the treasury of the regional culture and nature.
We realise that in the age of pandemic, increasing environmental threats, global social and cultural problems that are caused also by ecological issues and human activities, it is important to remind everyone of the importance of humane values and harmonised life of the people with each other and the nature.
We believe that the art and culture, as the most powerful tools of the humanity, are capable of making change to the current complicated situation worldwide giving the platform for cooperation, dialogue and creativity.


The project seeks to:
   -   promote the Mediterranean nature and culture with a special focus on

the islands as the treasuries of the basin’s natural diversity as well as the places with the most vulnerable ecosystems;

  -  foster interest in and activate the cultural sector in the islands that have been threatened by its isolation from the continent especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermaths;

  - promote interdisciplinary, eco-friendly methods of art-making through cooperation between the artists, scientists, local public and cultural institutions in the islands.

Final produced artworks and selected existing artworks will be exhibited under Maritima curation at the well-known and respected partner institutions, museums on the islands and on the continent of the Mediterranean. Moreover, your works will become central focal points of the public events – conferences, discussions, public talks, etc. – that are to accompany the expositions.


We are looking  for  experienced  artists  whose work is dedicated or related to ecological and environmental topics, interconnection of the humans, the culture and the nature, the life and unique connections between the humans and the nature in the islands  to  take  part  in  the  experimental art project.

More info about the core theme, eligibility criteria, program and conditions in the PDF document below.


In this project, you will be asked to cooperate with an artist in the art residency and the scientists in creation of an artwork and the so-called ‘protocol’, OR participating in recreation of an artwork following that ‘protocol’ depending on your location. While the created artwork will be exhibited in the island of its production, the ‘protocols’ are to be sent to other islands (one protocol to one island) where the selected artwork will be reproduced with the help of local partner institutions considering the context of that island. Such a process is expected to develop the communication between the islands and revitalise the local cultural and scientific sectors.

More info about the core theme, eligibility criteria, program and conditions in the PDF document below.

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Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV) is defined by the coherent formation of its students. That is why culture is an essential element as it helps to understands the world and humanity better. Culture also offers the dialogue with reality that broadens our gaze at life. With such a rich expertise, the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences has launched the Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Sciences which offers the training on development and cooperation and aims to contribute to the union of the whole society in searching for sustainable and integral development. Instituto de Investigación en Medio Ambiente y Ciencia Marina (IMEDMAR) has been created in 2006 as the part of Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV) to encompass the research in oceanography and marine is the lead beneficiary of the project.

Art Made, association, based in Valencia, Spain since 2014. Built around its art residency and in a multidisciplinary spirit, Art Made mobilises artists and cultural actors around projects aimed at promoting cultural exchanges between contemporary art and traditional crafts from different countries.

Spazju Kreattiv is a centre of culture in Malta. The programme comprises a series of creative and cultural events that take place primarily in the capital of Malta, i.e. Valetta, but also in other locations in Malta and Gozo. As it has rich database, experience in working with art institutions and artists, they will coordinate the dissemination of the project amongst the islands.

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani is a museum located in Palma, Mallorca. It is the largest centre of contemporary art in the Balearic Islands which also preserves the historical uniqueness of the city and the island thanks to its central location in an ancient bastion

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a higher education institution located in one of the biggest cities of Cyprus – Limassol. Its Department of Fine Arts will be engaged in the current project. Its main objective is to promote collaboration of art and science that is close to the goals of the project.

Isola  is the space for innovative development, education and creation. It will be the headquarters of the project’s activities in Sicily. It will make a valuable contribution to the project because of its educational experience, its care for Sicilian heritage and culture. It will participate in WP3 and WP4 and some of responsibilities will be: support of the artist’s residency in Sicily, organisation and coordination of the final demonstration of the project and accompanying events.

LOOP is a Video Art Festival in Barcelona. It will make a valuable contribution to the project because it is highly experienced in organising public events and, in particular, screenings and exhibitions, it has the good global network of specialists of video-art and related cultural institutions.

Soller Botanical Garden is a centre for research and preservation of the natural variety of the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean as a whole. It is located in Mallorca and will make a valuable contribution to the project because of its high expertise in the local flora, its network of scientists.