Paris ⋅ October 
Valencia ⋅ October - November
Barcelona ⋅ November




Marítima’01 is an art project articulated around an art residence, based on the interest to the environmental situation of the Mediterranean Sea and its region. Marítima’01 brings together contemporary artists and scientists to create art works as a result from their dialogues and collaboration.



Maritima 01 is a contemporary art project promoting the protection of Mediterranean, to be held in sea countries with the patronage  of the University of Valencia.


It gathering contemporary artists and scientists with the main objective to raise public awareness on the environmental challenges that affect the Mediterranean while contributing to production and the dissemination of new contemporary artistic projects and to raise artistic sensibility of the society.


The Mediterranean Sea (Mare Nostrum) has always had a primordial place in our civilization by playing a fundamental role in the social, economic and environmental balance of all the countries surrounding it. But it is, above all, a biologically rich environment in constant mutation which forms an ecosystem of great importance for the biodiversity of our planet.


Today the scientific community, as well as multiple governments and Wildlife conservation associations have expressed a great concern about changes in this biogeographical zone. These problems are progressively affecting the ecological balance but also impacting the socio-economic development of this certain basin.


Throughout the year, our project strives to meet the need for awareness of citizens. It gives voice to artists to respond to the urgency of disseminating these new discoveries to a large audience, collectively raising awareness and contributing to the safeguard of this living and sensitive marine ecosystem through sustainable solutions.

Marítima is an opportunity to demonstrate the full sea experience encountering living forms, areas of changes and the influence on locals residing near the sea.



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Our goal in this particular project is to involve as many Mediterranean countries as possible.

The starting point of the project will be located in Valencia, Spain, the birthplace of Art Made and where is the main scientific partner of this project.



Valencia ⋅ June 2-15 ⋅ July 3-7  


Artists will join the Maritima Artist Residency to make research in close collaboration with scientists and for works production.

Each artist will produce a video art or a photo series that will be presented at the  Maritima  Event in Valencia in October 2020 and in another countries afterwards.

Making-of videos filmed during the residence will aim to show to the public creation process of each artist’s  work including moment of collaboration with scientist.

Dates of Program in Valencia 3-10 July 2020

Valencia ⋅ October – November

 Maritima Video Program ⋅ October 1-3 

Program will be available to watch ONLINE  from 1 to 5 of October here .



Conference at Institut Français València

Screening making-of Maritima01 project, artist residency part. Meeting artist.

Opening and press-conference. Maritima01 book presentation.



Video Art Program at La Nau (University of Valencia)  Sala Aula Magna, representation of artistic works made in collaboration with Maritima01.


This historic building, which was declared Asset of Cultural interest in 1981, is the oldest and most emblematic facility of the Universitat de València. It was the head office of the university since its foundation in the 15th century to the first half of the 20th century.

It was built in 1497 in one of the most brilliant periods of Valencian architecture, personified in the great Father Compte.

The building was an example of Valencian neoclassical architecture, particularly the façade and cloister. The current architectural design of the building is the result of continuous remodeling ending in 1830

The university hosts main cultural program.

 La Nau 



Video Art Screening in Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporania

The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia is a living museum located in the historic center of the city which is open to the public and aims to allow people to connect with the plant world by promoting its study, teaching, dissemination, and conservation, as well as its sustainable use.

Among other objectives, the Garden maintains a scientific collection of living plants, preserving a historical heritage of continuous culture, which includes monumental trees and historic buildings.

 The Botanical Garden 

 Centre del Carme 

The Centre del Carme is housed in what used to be Valencia’s Royal Monastery of Our Lady of the Carmen, built in 1281. 

Currently, the Centre del Carme is a centre for
contemporary culture that hosts a wide range of artistic expressions and practices. It has become a splendid cultural venue which has been recovered for the benefi t of all Valencians.

Cocktail for partners.

 Exhibition (Colegio Mayor Rector Peset) ⋅ November 16- 31 January 


"Mare Nostrum: fragili vita". 

Exhibition will also be available  ONLINE from November 16th here:

The Colegio Mayor Rector Peset has consolidated itself in the city of Valencia as a meeting point of the University, civil society and the social and cultural entities of the city of Valencia. Within its premises you will discover a magnificent Sala de la Muralla (The Hall of the Wall) with an important feature of cultural and historic heritage of the City - an ancient Islamic wall built under the reign of Abd al-Aziz. It is described by geographer al-Udri as one of the most perfect in Al-Andalus. Sala de la Muralla is the most emblematic of the college since in it we can contemplate remains of this Islamic wall of the 11th century, which appeared during the restoration works, such as the base of the wall and a curved tower, which after its investigation and archaeological excavation, decided to recover as a historical-archaeological monument. Sala de la Muralla is a space of 300 square meters and of multipurpose use. 

 Sala de la Muralla, Colegio Mayor Rector Peset  

November 16- Janvier 31

Paris ⋅ October 17


 Maritima01 Representation.

Address: 1 Carrefour de Longchamp, 75116 Paris

Speakers:  Elena Posokhova (founder Marítima Project),  Enrique Ramires (artist, Paris), Yann Toma (artist),  Marco Godinho (artist  France), Elisa Ganivet (art consultant), Taylor Smith (artist).



16:30  Good Planet Foundation (Domain de  Longchamp)

The GoodPlanet Foundation is a foundation recognized for public utility, with the mission of "placing ecology at the heart of consciences and arousing the desire to act concretely for the earth and its inhabitants".

It was created in 2005 by photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand who has chaired it since then.

The foundation is developing numerous awareness projects (films, exhibitions, books, mobile applications, environmental information website, etc.) which are intended to be distributed free of charge to the greatest number around the world.

The Good Planet Foundation hosts exhibitions, conferences, film screenings, concerts and educational workshops at the Château de Longchamp.

 Good Planet Fondation  


19:00  University La Sorbonne in Amphitheater Bachelard

"Mare Nostrum" Conference. Part I.

Address: Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 75007 Paris.

Speakers: Yann Toma (Artist), Elena Posokhova (Founder Marítima Project), Frederic Lorin (Adviser Maritima project), Pr. Catherine Carré (Géographe, La Sorbonne), Marco Godinho (Artist, "Written by Water", 58th La Biennale di Venezia)

The Sorbonne is a public research university in Paris (France), created in 2018 by the fusion of Paris-Sorbonne University, Pierre and Marie Curie University, as well as smaller institutions. The date 1257 on its logo refers to the founding of the College of Sorbonne by Robert de Sorbon, which is one of the university's first legacies. With 32 Nobel Prize winners and the Fields medal, the Sorbonne University has a long tradition of academic excellence.

 La Sorbonne University at the Bachelard Amphitheater 



Organization and Main Partners

Local and International Partners

Loop (Barcelona), Eco Cup, EASD, Art of Change 21(Paris), Acqua Foundation (Italy), GoodPlanet (France), Casa de Rusia (Barcelona), BUBUFLATS (Valencia), Galerie Iragui, Hello Valencia, Las Provincias, Culturplaza (Valenciaplaza), Artists and Climate Change, InsideArt, Noticias cv

To become a sponsor, please contact us. 

To see your benefits as a sponsor, download this PDF document.

Marítima is organized by Art Made which is recognized by the Spanish tax authorities as a cultural association. The festival is supported by the authorities of Valencia city and has set several partnerships with local important institutions. Marítima is financed by donations from foundations, sponsors and patron's program.


Maritima offers the possibility to video artists and performers to participate in the festival program. Selected candidates by the Festival Committee will benefit from:

  • Full coverage of travel and accommodation for artists-in-residence.

  • Assistance in finding accommodation for artists on festival period.

  • Support for work's production and presentation.

To participate in the selection, we invite you to send us your artistic project.

It is requested that the proposal are linked or related in some way the Maritima's main mission.



Elena Posokhova ⋅ Founder/Director, Project Curator


Dasha Lvova ⋅ Coordinator, Project  Illustrator 


Mireille Ronarch ⋅ Coordinator

Elisa Ganivet ⋅ Curator

Pierre Bagarry ⋅ Coordinator, France


Evgeniya Klenysheva ⋅ Curatorial assistant


Frederic Lorin ⋅ Adviser

Svetlana Grishina   Content manager


Victoria Shelest ⋅ Designer


Eduardo Guillot ⋅ Artistic Director of the La Mostra de València film festival

Guillaume Logé ⋅ Researcher (Art History and Environmental Science) & Art advisor in Paris

Norberto Piqueras Sanches ⋅ Manager of the exhibitions at La Nau Cultural Centre - Valencia

Antonio Raga ⋅ Professor of Zoology & Director of Science Park of the University of Valencia

Chantal Steegmuller ⋅ Cultural programming at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature - Paris

Fabien Danesi ⋅ Curator assosiated with Palais de Tokyo / Paris

Carlos Duran ⋅ Founding co-director of LOOP, Director of Senda Gallery and Lab36 in Barcelona.

Meriem Berrada ⋅ Director of Cultural Projects, Fondation Alliances / MACAAL (Morocco)

José Luis Peréz Pont ⋅ Director of Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (Valencia)




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