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1.12.2022 - 20.1.2023

About “I Landed”.

I Landed is an exhibition dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the Meditarenean Islands. The exhibition was simultaneously held on four different islands in local major art institutions. The purpose of “I Landed” is to raise awareness of the ecological issues the islands are facing, and to show the uniqueness of each location trough the artists eyes.


Five artists: Lucy Orta, Edgar Sarin, Max Fouchy, Olga Sabko and Klitsa Antoniou had participated in MARLANDS art residency. Each of them has visited of the 5 Islands: Malta, Sicily, Mallorca, Cyprus and Ibiza to meet local scientists and cultural arts artists. The result of those collaborations were five art projects.

Each artist created a protocol for their work, so it can be repeated and recreated on the next Island. This allowed to initiate a new, more sustainable way of curating an exhibition, and to create a link between the Islands’ art communities.

On each location, the exhibition ‘I Landed’ puts in the focus the project created by the artist who visited the island during their residency.


The name of the exhibition is inspired by the first message each of the artists sent arriving to Islands for their residency, –

“I Landed”.

It also is a wordplay. It’s meant to show, that artists haven’t only visited the islands, but also have been “Islanded’ – got acquainted with the place, its heritage and the local way of living.

I L A N D E D. M A L T A

01.12.2022 - 8.01.2023

Location: Valetta, Malta

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv. National Centre for Creativity

“I Landed. Malta” aims to show Mallorca trough the artist eyes.

On focus is the work by Edgar Sarin.

With participation of Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy and Maltese artist Sheldon Saliba.

Artwork in focus.

‘BA’AL”. Edgar Sarin, oil paintings with rudimentary printing practices, ceramic sculpture, 2022

Edgar Sarin’s installation invites people to fill up the beautiful artefact, which depicts an amphora with water. The meaning of this moving gesture underlines the value of potable water on the island, connecting it to the historic Maltese tradition of water engineering, used to collect the precious liquid.

'BA’AL’, Edgar Sarin, 2022 ©Elisa von Brockdorff

I L A N D E D. S I C I L Y

19.12.2022 - 30.12.2022

Location: Catania, Sicily

Venue: Isola Catania.

Hub for innovative creation, based in Palazzo Biscari, a historic 18th-century Baroque-style building.

I landed. Sicily’ allows to discover the unique natural and cultural world of Sicily trough the artsits' eyes.

On focus Max Fouchy's installation. With participation of

Edgar Sarin, Olga Sabko, Sheldon Saliba, Chloe Silbano, Rosa Borreda, Lucy Orta, Vince Briffa, Lisa Boostani.

Artwork in focus.

“Etna CORPO», Max Fouchy, Sicily, 2022, MARLANDS plastic, lavastone Installation.

In his residence in Sicily, Max Fouchy was confronted with volcano Etna. A trip to this “lunar landscape on earth” in the company of volcanologist Boris Behnke gave him the idea of combining plastic and lava stone.

This way the artist comments on the continuous default on the purification front in Sicily.

“Etna CORPO” Max Fouchy, 2022. ©Giorgio di Gregorio

I L A N D E D. M A L L O R C A

11.1.2023 - 21.1.2023

Location: Palma, Mallorca

Venue: Taca Studio. Meeting place to reflect and give visibility to varied cultural proposals.

On focus are the works by Lucy Orta and Olga Sabko.

With participation of Max Fouchy.

Artworks in focus.

Lucy Orta’s ‘The Lost Species: Sphâ’ intends to symbolically restore the ancient spiritual majesty of the islands’ ecosystem. Known under many guises as the sea-calf, sea wolf, fin-foot, monk, or phoca, the monk seal Monachus monachus has occupied a special place across Mediterranean culture, myth and folklore yet it has been consistently persecuted throughout history.

The project “Garden of the Past. Garden of the Future”, Olga Sabko includes an installation created in collaboration with local public and ceramic artists, from Mallorca, a series of engravings and a video-art piece. In this work, the garden symbolises a zone of gathering and exchanging energies, where “people live with

nature and for nature, and resources”.

nature shares generously its resources.

Garden of the Past. Garden of the future, Olga Sabko, 2022 (c) Marcos

I L A N D E D. C Y P R U S

11.01.2023 – 15.-01.2023

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Venue: Theatro Polis / Nimac. Performing and Live Arts at Theatro.

“I Landed. Cyprus” is dedicated to the project by the artist Klitsa Antoniou. It allows viewers to see the artist’s homeland trough her eyes.

Artwork in focus.

Hydor-Is-Land/The Invaders. Cyprus, 2022, MARLANDS Video installation, mixed media, sound work by Ruben Solar.

The artist immerses viewers into a multimedia installation including a video work used as video mapping on objects. In this work Klitsa Antoniou, whose approach to the project is inextricably linked to her sense of belonging to the Mediterranean Sea, addresses the issue of the Lessepian Migration the inva sion of alien species to the coast of Cyprus – as a result of climate change and human activities.

Her work is connected to water as well as to its low accessibility and the largescale changes caused by this issue.


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