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MARLANDS resident artists Olga Sabko, Max Fouchy, Edgar Sarin, Lucy Orta, and Klitsa Antoniou flew to the islands to develop their artwork prototypes. Their creative processes have begun with cultural and environmental immersion in each of the islands. This immersion has offered them the possibility of getting in contact with local cultural arts artists, that have introduced them to some of the materials and techniques they will use in their work. Our residents have also become familiar with the geographical space around them, as well as with the islands’ cultural background, which has allowed them to lay the foundations of the imaginary on which their projects will be build. Artists residencies have been accompanied and curated by Elena Posokhova in Mallorca, Bince Briffa in Malta and Mariagrazia Pontorno in Sicily.

MARLANDS is a contemporary art project that unites artists and researchers to work together on art, cultural heritage, and ecological issues of the Mediterranean Islands, to promote their harmonious coexistence.

Curated and founded by Elena Posokhova, co-funded by the European Union, in partnership with Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV), contemporary art museum in Mallorca Es Baluard, cultural center in Malta Spazju Kreattiv, and the Isola Catania, a creative hub in Sicily.

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On photo: Max Fouchy, Isola Catania team, work shop


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