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Maritima01 Schedules Video Art Expo in La Nau, the French Institute, Centre del Carme and Online

The exhibition of the art and ecological awareness project will be in October in both face-to-face and virtual format

In order to raise awareness of the situation in the Mediterranean Sea and promote contemporary art, Marítima 01 has scheduled an international exhibition of video art in four different venues in Valencia for next October. The sites that will host the proposal will be theFrench Institute, the Aula Magna of La Nau, theCentre del Carme Cultura Contemporàniaand the Botanical Garden, from October 1-3.

A month later, from 12 to 22 November, the exhibition will also take place at Colegio Mayor Rector Peset.

Posokhova Elena, director/curator Maritima01

Given the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the capacity of the exhibition will be very limited. To facilitate access to all interested public and give an international projection to the initiative, the program will be available online on the websites of Marítima 01 and the cultural centers La Nau and Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània.


Sponges, mollusks, turtles and posidonia

The sample consists of three sections. In the first, the works conceived and produced during the 2020 artistic residency will be compiled, in collaboration with scientists from the IMEDMAR- UCV and University of Valencia.

Fermin Jimenez Landa, artist

The Valencian Fermín Jiménez Landa will develop a video art piece between the documentary, the collage and the visual essay on the role and long history of sponges in the bond of human beings with the sea, entitled The History of Apnea.

For her part, Ana Matey Marañon from Madrid is working on a doble channel video called Plastic Soup, which responds to the damage that plastics are causing to big animals, specifically the sea turtle, whose reproduction, migration and nesting is in danger in the Mediterranean.

French artist Yann Toma, who generally makes a research around energy and light inside and outside us, will produce a work about city light pollution on the shore in relation with turtles nesting.


The Italian Mariagrazia Pontorno's artwork will be titled Nobilis Golden Moon, and highlights the desacralization of the Mediterranean through the extinction process of one of its symbols and sentinels, the great mollusk Pinna Nobilis. Artist came specially to València to work in the Laboratory of IMEDMAR-UCV as well as in the city at the beginning of July.

“Scientists invited us to take a boat ride, a red boat from which they carry out reconnaissance and diving. It was very nice moving from contemplative to active life, a moment before sitting in front of the microscope, the next one diving with the suit to explore the seabed”, said Pontorno.

Mariagrazia Pontorno, artist

Lastly, US-based French artist Kalie Granier will be counting on professional diver Wilfried Bruneau, dancer Anne Barros and 3D designer Martin Donoso to articulate her film Priority Habitat, inspired by the movement under the sea of the Posidonia Oceanica.

"In some artworks we will see very personal experiences of artists and in some the history of civilizations through knowledge of the underwater world, but each of the videos will present its power and incredible beauty," said the director of Marítima01, Elena Posokhova.


Artistic union for a common good

The second section will screen pre-existing works by international artists who have participated in Marítima01's artistic residency, but who will produce their projects for the 2021 edition. Works by Enrique Ramírez, Sena Başöz and the Marco Godinho and Anna Raimondo will be shown.

Finally, the program will include the making off of the first artistic residence of this art and ecological awareness project that has planned initiatives dotted throughout the year.

Working at laboratory

“I am very happy with the results that we’ve already achieved, even taking into account the difficulties derived from the pandemic. We have managed to unite like-minded people around our idea: passionate and interesting artists, scientists, journalists and associated institutions, who are ready to dedicate their work to a living organism as great as the sea and take care of our relationships with it”, has said Posokhova.

José Tena and José Rafael Garcia-March, IMEDMAR-UCV

Marítima 01 is a contemporary art project that aims to bring together international artists and scientists with the aim of raising awareness about the environmental challenges affecting the Mediterranean, and at the same time, contributing to the production and dissemination of new contemporary artistic projects. and increase the artistic sensitivity of public opinion. The initiative is supported by the Universitat de València, IMEDMAR-UCV and Acqua Foundation Italy.


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